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The Boland Process – Case Studies

Case Studies Featured Image with Business woman on stage with presentation

The Boland Process works across a number of  areas in different business niches and  situations
Here are a few separate Case Studies ( brief overviews)

Business Process Reengineering Case Study

“My business partners and I own two cafes in Sydney and have now recently opened up another store in Manly. While I had all the written procedures and other information that staff needed, I was concerned to receive complaints from my managers that staff were asking them lots of questions. The same questions were repeatedly asked
I shared my master list of Fika procedures and other documents. Kerry spotted some issues immediately and came back with a proposal which I loved.
Working with my content expert, Holly, all the business processes, contacts, recipes and other information was consolidated and organised with Kerry’s help and expertise.
In partnership with Kerry, instructions were updated and now reside in a single Procedure Manual.
The end result was a solution beyond my expectations. It was so exciting and engaging.
Additionally, when we had a good foundation we were able to implement further ideas. For example, we developed some training videos for those more complex tasks and created more content which was now easily managed.
Once completed, Kerry rolled out a fabulous presentation at a staff meeting covering the new approach. My managers were delighted with the outcome and staff now have a valuable resource”
Linda Stanes, Co-Owner Fika Swedish Kitchen

Creating Business Processes & SOPs

“We have worked with Kerry several times now. Her skill set really complements our expertise.
While we are creative and innovative in the highly technical world of Google, SEM and SEO, Kerry has the ability to break down the complexities and simplify things to capture processes.
While we understand the importance of our Business Processes, we just don’t have the time for  capturing all the relevant Processes/ SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) or  reengineering.
Nor do we wish to invest in BPMS (Business Process Management Software)
Kerry listened to our conversations, discussed and read all the relevant documents.
She was able to create our new process at the right level of detail and, with the process flowcharts, we were much better equipped to bring on new clients and explain how we could partner with them.
Kerry has ensured that such details are in supporting template/documents, so that the new SOP/ Process itself can be the anchor that holds all of the details together – and does not need endless updates!  The supporting documents can easily be modified by the individual user with the guidance provided.”

JSM Team 
JumpStart Matrix

Software Application Support – Google Docs

Author of “Unravelled” Zoe Fanning release her novel around Christmas 2022.
While I really love writing and sharing my experiences with my readers, I really don’t have advanced computer skills.
It’s just not my bag.
When writing my novel, I struggled constantly trying to manually do edits and searches in my work. I did the spell check manually and I kept on finding mistakes.
I didn’t have issues with writing the content, my blocks were all technical!
I even got confused using the wrong version of my document. It was a nightmare.
I told Kerry from The Boland Process about my frustrations.
She explained that by using the functionality of Google Docs, many of the tasks that I was doing manually were able to be done automatically without any omissions/errors.
I could not believe how fast Kerry was able to turn the work around.”
Zoe Fanning

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