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Business Environment and Culture

Business Environment and Culture Featured Image with Business woman standing in front 2 desks

Does your business have a distinct culture and environment?

“Company culture. It’s the social operating system that influences how your employees work with each other, customers, and the community.
It has both the potential to help a company thrive or cause it to suffer.
That being the case, how do you improve or upgrade your ‘operating’ system?
What specific strategies can you put in place to ensure that your organisation is committed to improving culture in the workplace?
Truth is, the answer differs for everyone. Leaders must be willing to explore many ideas to improve workplace culture

7 Powerful Practices to Improve Workplace Culture

1. Build strong employee relationships
2. Connect people to a purpose
3. Encourage frequent employee recognition
4. Create positive employee experiences
5. Open up transparency and communication
6. Give teams the autonomy they seek
7. Schedule regular and meaningful one-to-ones”

There are some key elements to focus on and develop across any business.
Businesswoman with no business communication plan trying to keep track of her work

Do you have a Communication Plan for your business?

The Boland Process can help you find the right balance between a casual and formal approach to communication and ‘culture’ across your business, (for staff as well as clients) because sometimes you just need to chat or target a specific audience.

Kerry has a mission to reduce your email traffic and yet, still ensure the message is available to your target audience.
Create Transparency, not a Talk Fest!

What is the Cost of Meetings to a business?

Businessman trying to help you be efficient and effective in your business Meetings

Have you ever calculated the cost of meetings in your business? Meetings can be time wasters and costly.
The hourly wage alone of staff members would probably buy you dinner at a great restaurant for you and your loved ones!

Kerry personally experienced a huge chunk of her working life in meetings and appreciates the challenges.

Always thinking there must be a better way, The Boland Process was developed with rules and templates, which were not only adopted by Kerry’s local teams but also her global teams.
Actions were never lost and responsibilities made clear.
Kerry can share Tips and Tricks with you to reduce your time in Meetings.

Losing Staff?
The Boland Process can support your business with very effective solutions to help orientate your new staff.
Your time (and that of co-workers) is then minimally impacted in training new staff.
Additionally, new ( and old) staff build confidence with these solutions – and become more productive almost immediately.

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