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Business Interpersonal Skills & Communication Training Workshops

Soft Skills Training Workshops

Kerry is qualified in Training and Assessment in the workplace and has run many workshops, to help employees understand the Business Processes or to improve their skill set in their roles in an organisation.

Regardless of how perfect your documentation management may be, sometimes it is also important to look at your business culture and environment.

  • Are employees following Business Processes?
  • Are employees taking ownership of their procedures?
  • Are they helping to improve internal business processes?

If you are thinking there is room for improvement, a Team Building Workshop can help individuals understand their team members and generally help with the overall climate of the workplace. Team members who understand each other can support each other.

Kerry has run several workshops which have been highly successful in highlighting some key interpersonal skills to enable employees to bond together.

Here is some of the feedback on a workshop held with Parexel where 100% of participants, who provided feedback anonymously, agreed or strongly agreed on the following statements:

  • The Forum was enjoyable.
  • The Forum helped me develop or improve relationships with my colleagues.
  • The Forum was a worthwhile investment of time
  • The Information shared at the Forum is applicable to my role/ job.
  • The Forum helped me feel part of a team.
  • The Forum encouraged me to learn from others and to share my experiences.

If you would like Kerry to run the Face to Face Workshop “How to improve your interpersonal skills” contact us  for details
If you would like to purchase the Training Package, it can be made available to you.
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