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New Staff Orientation

New Staff Orientation Training Featured image with business woman in front of blackboard with audience Background image by sentavio on Freepik

The Boland Process can provide tried and tested Solutions for new staff training and orientation, so they can ‘hit the ground running’

Is Staff Turnover an Issue in Your Business?

Is your Business Environment and “Culture” partly to blame?
The Boland Process can help you find the right balance between a casual and formal approach to communication and ‘culture’ across your business

The Boland Process can support your business with very effective solutions to help orientate your new staff.
Your time (and that of co-workers) is then minimally impacted in training new staff.
Additionally, new staff build confidence with these solutions – and become more productive almost immediately.

Using the model she developed while in corporate life , Kerry has a new and improved approach to onboarding new staff.

Your Growing Business needs Processes and Systems!

I have now worked with other Entrepreneurs where over the years through hard work, their business becomes successful and starts to grow.
It’s NOW time to hire more staff to help with the ever increasing workload….But how do you ensure that the ‘newbies’ will be able to hit the ground running and perform their job to the required standard?
A major part of the answer of ensuring quality performance is to have your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place.

It is also a good time to do an audit of your documentation.
Taking on new staff or merging with another business will create more than enough work for everyone in your organisation.
If your documentation is valid, the task of expanding will be much smoother.
You don’t want staff guessing the best way to approach a task …or new staff following outdated procedures!

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