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Business Processes and Environment Case Studies

Writer’s block

Zoe James plans to release her autobiography by Christmas 2022.

” While I really love writing and sharing my experiences with my readers, I really don’t have advanced computer skills. It’s just not my bag.

When writing my autobiography I struggled constantly trying to manually do edits and searches in my work. I did the spell check manually and I kept on finding mistakes.

I didn’t have issues with writing the content, my blocks were all technical!…….. more


I can finally Relax!

Linda Stanes, Co-Owner Fika Swedish Kitchen

“My business partners and I own two cafes in Sydney and have now recently opened up another store in Manly.

While I had all the written procedures and other information that staff needed, I was concerned to receive complaints from my managers that staff were asking them lots of questions. The same questions were repeatedly asked.

When I explained the situation to Kerry she suggested that she might be able to help. I shared my master list of Fika procedures and other documents. Kerry spotted some issues immediately and came back with a proposal which I loved……more